John Mcintosh

My name is John McIntosh. I live in northwest Wisconsin. My wife and I have owned/operated a Mercury dealership for 35 years.

I guess one might say that I'm going through my second childhood, as I mainly focus on the two-cylinder, automatic transmission motors and the six-cylinder direct-reversing motors.  These are the motors that I worked on as I was growing up in the world of Mercury Outboards.

I am a national member of the AOMCI (Antique outboard motor club international) and am currently a chapter member in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida.

At my real job, most of my time is spent servicing modern technology Mercury Outboards. On my off time, I relax by restoring these auto-tranny and direct-reverse motors. I also enjoy the KF9, KG9 and Mark 40 family of motors.

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