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From its founding in 1981 TOPLICHT evolved from an insider tip of the local traditionalists to an established institution. Whoever is seriously involved in the building of a boat, in its restoration or with the maintenance an upkeep of a traditional ship or classic yacht - or is simply looking for the very best equipment for his beloved boat - will find the perfect solution and sound advice. From its founding in the year 1981 TOPLICHT developed from an insiders' tip of the local boating community into a fixed institution. Someone who is seriously engaged with the building, restoration, the upkeep or operation of traditional boats or classic yachts - or is simply looking for the very best equipment for his own precious boat - will be able to find the proper parts and sound advice. For him we have a unique range of goods of rock solid equipment on offer - for ships, yachts or the yard, not just for the classic boat. Feel free to rummage through our seat lockers, climb onto the mast head, look into the foc's'le and imagine the smell of rope and tar...

Today we have more than 12,000 articles for classic boats and tradition-conscious ship owners on offer: made from brass, bronze and galvanized steel, as well as tar and rope, but also made from modern materials like stainless steel.
Employing world-wide shipping we deliver directly from our warehouse:
deck fittings, cleats, winches, portholes, rig fittings, rope and wire, hand-made blocks, anchors, chains, windlasses, paints, varnishes and impregnating oils, boat building and rigging tools, brass fittings for the interior, ship stoves and - heaters, petroleum lamps, ship clocks, navigational instruments and safety equipment as well as specialized technical and hand picked maritime literature.

The very best service for our customers and optimal advice are at the centre of our business philosophy. Every article is examined from "head to toe" before being included in the TOPLICHT product line. When it comes to choosing our products as well as inspection and testing we bring our lifelong experience as sailors, mariners and craftsmen into play. If you prefer to view and handle the items, you can do so at leisure in the exhibition at our shop in Hamburg.  

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