Giuliano Arcangeli started his carreer in a shipyard in Switzerland. 1956 he returned to Italy to build motorboats in his own yard in Sarnico at Lago d'Iseo. In the same year he started the boat-construction with a friend in a small shed.

1960 they built a new shipyard in Sarnico. They've had round about 60 employes at this time. In the beginning 60 ships leave the yard in a year, later they built 120 ships in successful years.

At first they built the model Jolly with an outboard engine. It followed open runabouts like Super Jolly, Labrador, Commander, Enrico I, also cabin cruisers like Sebino.

1961, only five years after foundation they've had representations in Germany and France and they exhibited on the leading fairs in europe like Milan, Genoa, France and Germany. The cooperation with other yards runs successful.

1968, due to national economic crises the Arcangeli shipyard were forever closed.  

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